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Subsection 4 OpenIntro, online resources, and getting involved

OpenIntro is an organization focused on developing free and affordable education materials. OpenIntro Statistics, our first project, is intended for introductory statistics courses at the high school through university levels.

We encourage anyone learning or teaching statistics to visit MISSINGoiRedirect and get involved. We also provide many free online resources, including free course software. Most data sets for this textbook are available on the website and through a companion R package. 3 Diez DM, Barr CD, Çetinkaya-Rundel M. 2015. openintro: OpenIntro data sets and supplement functions. OpenIntro's resources may be used with or without this textbook as a companion.

We value your feedback. If there is a particular component of the project you especially like or think needs improvement, we want to hear from you. Provide feedback through a link provided on the textbook page: