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Subsection 1 Textbook overview

The chapters of this book are as follows:

  1. Data Collection. Data structures, variables, and basic data collection techniques.

  2. Summarizing data. Data summaries and graphics.

  3. Probablity. The basic principles of probability.

  4. Distribution of random variables. Introduction to key distributions, and how the normal model applies to the sample mean and sample proportion.

  5. Foundation for inference. General ideas for statistical inference in the context of estimating the population proportion.

  6. Inference for categorical data Inference for proportions using the normal and chi-square distributions.

  7. Inference for numerial data Inference for one or two sample means using the \(t\) distribution, and comparisons of many means using ANOVA.

  8. Introduction to linear regression. An introduction to regression with two variables.

Instructions are also provided in several sections for using Casio and TI calculators.