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Acknowledgements Acknowledgements

This book has been made possible through Portland Community College's Strategic Investment Funding, approved by PCC's Budget Planning Advisory Council and the Board of Directors. Without significant funding to provide the authors with the adequate time, an ambitious project such as this one would not be possible.

The technology that makes it possible to create synced print, eBook, and WeBWorK content is PreTeXt, created by Rob Beezer. David Farmer and the American Institute of Mathematics have worked to make the PreTeXt eBook layout functional, yet simple. A grant from OpenOregon funded the original bridge between WeBWorK and PreTeXt.

This book uses WeBWorK to provide most of its exercises, which may be used for online homework. WeBWorK was created by Mike Gage and Arnie Pizer, and has benefited from over \(25\) years of contributions from open source developers. In 2013, Chris Hughes, Alex Jordan, and Carl Yao programmed most of the WeBWorK questions in this book with a PCC curriculum development grant.

The javascript library MathJax, created and maintained by David Cervone, Volker Sorge, Christian Lawson-Perfect, and Peter Krautzberger allows math content to render nicely on screen in the eBook. Additionally, MathJax makes web accessible mathematics possible.

The print edition (PDF) is built using the typesetting software , created by Donald Knuth and enhanced by Leslie Lamport.

Each of these open technologies, along with many that we use but have not listed here, has been enhanced by many additional contributors spanning the past 40 years. We are grateful for all of these contributions.