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Practice your grammar and vocabulary! Check below for listening, reading and games.

Bean's class - Final exam review


Occupations 1
Occupations 2


Questions and Answers

Human Body

Scrambled Words
Family Members


Sports Activities
Free Time Activities

Vegetables and Fruits - Multiple Choice
Vegetables and Fruits - Fill in the Blanks
Packaging 1
Packaging 2
Packaging 2
Packaging 2
Counters (Fill-in)

Numbers, Days, Dates...
Ordinal Numbers 1
Ordinal Numbers 2
Dates 1

Miscellaneous Vocabulary
High-Advanced Mixed Vocabulary

Internet Picture Dictionary
This site has tons of vocabulary broken into categories including: Animals; Fruits; Vegetables; Sports; Colors and Transportation. Students can practice the material with flashcards, fill-in-the-blanks and spelling exercises.


Parts of Speech

What When Where...
Singular and Plural
My Your Our...

Nouns and Articles
Plural Nouns
A, An or Some
How Much or How Many
A Few or A Little

Compound Adjectives
Adjective - Comparing 1
Adjective - Comparing 2
Adjective with ed/ing
-ing Adjectives
-ing Adjectives Part II
-ing Adjectives Part II (cont.)

Noun Clauses 1
Noun Clauses
Embedded Questions (IF-WHETHER)
Noun Clauses with THAT

IN AT ON - Time Expressions

Verb Practice

Basic Be (multiple choice)
Basic Be (fill in the blanks)
More Be
Was or Were?
Was or Were Story

Simple Present
Everyday or now?
S, ES, IES, or NO S
Simple Present
Simple Present - Occupations
Simple Present Negative
Simple Present Questions
Simple Present - Error Correction
Have or Has
Have - Negative 1
Have Negative 2
Like to / Like -ing
Simple Present or Present Progressive
Simple Present or Present Progressive?
Simple Present or Present Progressive (advanced)
Simple Present or Present Continuous III

Present Progressive
Positive & Negative with Pictures
Positive & Negative with Pictures (Fill-in)
Yes/No Answers

Simple Past
Time Expressions -Past
Regular Past Tense Verbs
Irregular Past Tense Verbs
More Irregular Past Tense Verbs
Past or Present?
Simple Past or Past Progressive?
Past Negative and Questions
Past Continuous or Simple Past
Past Continuous or Simple Past II

Present Perfect
Past or Perfect?
Present Perfect or Simple Past
Present Perfect or Simple Past II

Other Verb Activities
Now, everyday or tomorrow
Will OR Be Going to
Will OR Be Going to (updated)
Time clauses with future tense
Would You Mind ...?
There is / There are
There is / There are (fill in)

How Many

Miscellaneous Grammar
High Mixed Grammar
Advanced Mixed Grammar
Advanced Mixed Grammar II

Links to Our FAVORITE Practice Sites
ESL BEARS Listening, Vocabulary, Reading, Grammar and Games for beginners to intermediate.
San Mateo County Community College Lots of Interactive Grammar Pratice.
The Big List of Long Beach City College Web Sources. Sorted by content. Suitable for basic through advanced levels.
Randall's ESL Listening Lab Many, many listening activities from very low level to very high level.?
Interactive Audio-Picture English Lessons 27 categories of basic vocabulary practice. Chosse Basic Lesson for introduction, Writing Test to read and match, and Listening Test to listen and match to pictures.
University of Victoria's SecretEXCELLENT site from The U. of Victoria in British Columbia.?Level 200 has great vocabulary lessons and quizzes on such topics as furniture, clothes, food and money.?Level 330 to 570 offer higher level grammar and reading.?
Ace Writing Great writing site for students and teachers. Check out the section of the writing process, descriptive writing and the power point presentations in the teacher section.
Lewis and Clark's ESL Collection The BEST links collection I've seen: Grammar, Reading, Listening, Writing, Games, etc for ALL LEVELS!!?Great organization makes it easy to find what you want.
ESL Blues Entertaining collection of grammar quizzes, games and more.
Funbrain Fun Math, Social Studies, Language and Spelling games.
Net Surf Learning 10 levels of English, each with up to 100 activities! Activities are links to all sorts of sites from all over the Internet including listening, reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar and games.
Principles of Composition Excellent readings on the writing process, structural consideration and patterns of composition.
The Penguin Handbook-ESL Common Errors Workbook Excellent readings on grammar.

Reading Links

Literacynet Dozens of recent news stories from CNN. Most with video or audio and text. Original and simplified versions, outlines and modules of interactive activities.
California Distance Learning Project Online Dozens of news stories with original and simplified versions and outlines. Great accompanying lessons and activities.
On-Line Reading Skills Speed reading activities, guessing vocabulary from context and other reading activites.
Linguapress.com News articles and current events with vocabulary and exercises. Choose simple intermediate or advanced level.