will vs be going to

Select the correct form for each sentence. If either form is possible, select will / be going to
1. The weatherman predicted that it rain tomorrow.

2. The students are studying because they have a test tomorrow.

3. You bought dinner last night, so I pay tonight.

4. Jon is saving money this month because he buy a car soon.

5. The Blazers' best player is injured, so I bet they lose tonight.

6. I heard that Pedro and Maria get married.

7. Oh no! We have to leave in 5 minutes. I get our jackets if you go start up the car.

8. San Francisco has had many earthquakes in the past, and scientests believe it have more in the future.

9. A: Could somebody help me lift this box, please?
B: Sure, I help you.

10. Tomorrow is the last day of class, so we have a big party.

11. If we don't stop polluting our rivers, many of the Salmon die.

12. I have to get home and start packing. I to leave for a trip to Europe tomorrow morning.

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