Would you mind?

1. It is cold in the car. You want to close the window.
Would you mind if I shut the window?
shutting the window?

2. You are taking a shower. You friend calls and you want him to call you later.
Would you mind if I called later?
calling later?

3. You have to work until 6:15 tomorrow. Your class starts at 6:00.
Would you mind if I came a little late tomorrow?
coming a little late tomorrow?

4. Your friend is driving. You are a passenger. You think she is driving too fast.
Would you mind if I drove more slowly?
driving more slowly?

5. Your brother is going to the supermarket. You want a soft drink.
Would you mind if I got a Coke?
getting me a Coke?

6. You are studying. The TV is too loud. You want your friend to turn it down.
Would you mind if I turned down the TV?
turning down the TV.

7. Your homework isn't finished. You want to give it too your teacher tomorrow.
Would you mind if I turned it in tomorrow.
turning it in tomorrow.

8. You don't understand the difference between "quick" and "quickly".
Would you mind if I explained the difference?
explaining the difference?

9. Your friend is reading. You want to turn on the radio.
Would you mind if I turned on the radio?
turning on the radio?

10. You are studying. Your friend wants to talk to you.
Would you mind if we talked later.
talking later.

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