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What do these people do at their jobs?  Choose the best answer.

1. A pharmacist
prepares medicine.
sells candy.

2. A gas station attendant
fixes cars.
sells medicine.
pumps gas.

3. A butcher
cuts paper.
cuts meat.
sells fruit.

4. A fast food worker
sells medicine.
works in a restaurant like McDonald's.
takes care of teeth.

5. A mechanic
fixes cars.
washes cars.
pumps gas.

6. A barber
cuts men's hair.
cuts women's hair.
cuts dogs' hair.

7. A librarian
sells books.
writes books.
works in a library.

8. A delivery person
makes pizza..
brings things to your home or work.
sells fish.

9. A hair dresser or hair stylist
cuts hair.
paints houses.

10. A dentist
takes care of feet.
takes care of teeth.
takes care of children.

11. A grocer
works in a hospital.
works in a gas station.
works in a supermarket.

12. A garbage man
collects garbage.
throws things away.
delivers garbage to your house.

13. A car washer
washes dishes.
washes cars.
washes his face.

14. A construction worker
builds houses.
paints pictures.
works on a farm.

15. A baby sitter
sits on babies.
has babies every day.
takes care of babies.

16. A dental assistant
helps the dental.
helps the teacher.
helps the dentist.

17. A nursery worker
works with animals.
works with computers.
works with plants.

18. A housekeeper
cooks hamburgers.
cleans hotel rooms.
builds houses.

19. A production worker
works in a factory.
works in a school.
works in a grocery store

20. A student


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