Combine the two sentences, making the first  sentence a noun clause.  Everybody wants to know about noun clauses!

Example:  How did you do that?   (I want to know.)
                I want to know how you did that.

1. Where does Armando live? ( Anna wants to know)

2. Who called yesterday? (Linda wants to know)

3. What did you do on the weekend ? ( Pat wants to know)

4. Who did you visit last summer? ( Fred wants to know)

5. Where did she study English? ( Her teacher wants to know)

6. Who is your computer lab assistant? ( A new instructor wants to know)

7. When does the party start? ( the guests want to know)

8. Who called the doctor? ( A nurse wants to know )

9. Who is the girl in the red blouse? ( Bob wants to know)

10. What are you doing now? ( Your friend wants to know)

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