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Read the sentence, then choose the best answer.

1. I have black hair. ____hair is black.

2. She has brown hair. _____ hair is brown.

3. The dog has white hair. It's a white dog. ______ hair is white.

4. They have blond hair. _____ hair is blond.

5. He has red hair. _______ hair is red.

6. The man has brown eyes. ______ eyes are brown.

7. We have brown eyes. _____ eyes are brown.

8. The woman has blue eyes. ______ eyes are blue.

9. The boys have green eyes. _______ eyes are green.

10. You and I have short hair. _____ hair is short.

11. Thomas and Susana have beautiful eyes. ____ eyes are beautiful.

12. He has a big nose. ______ nose is big.

13. You have good teeth. ____teeth are good.

14. They have big ears. ____ ears are big.

15. She has a pretty face. ____ face is pretty.

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