Simple present:  What do these people do at work?  Type your answers in the boxes.  NOTE:   Answers are only 2 or 3 words!!!!   Remember capital letters and periods.

Example:  He is a driver.  What does he do at work?
You write:      He drives.

1. He is a cook. What does he do at work?

2. She is a teacher. What does she do at work?

3. He's a student. What does he do every day?

4. He's a football player. What does he do?

5. They are drivers. What do they do?

6. They're barbers. What do they do?

7. She's a hair dresser. What does she do?

8. He's a mechanic. What does he do at work?

9. He's a dish washer. What does he do at work?

10. He is a pizza delivery person. What does he do?

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