Simple Present :  Every day  Mr. and Mrs. Smith do the same things.  Use the verb in parentheses to complete the sentences.  Type in the correct form.
When do you need "S"?
 Mr. and Mrs. Smith

1. Every morning, Mr. and Mrs. Smith__________early. (get up)

2. Mr. Smith_________at 6:00. (get up)

3. Mrs. Smith always________in bed until 6:15. (stay)

4. Mr. Smith_____to the bathroom for a shower. (go)

5. Mrs. Smith__________her face. (wash)

6. At 7:00, they________breakfast in the kitchen. (eat)

7. Mr. Smith usually_____two eggs. (have)

8. Mrs. Smith_____four eggs. (fry)

9. Of course they both always_________coffee. (drink)

10. After breakfast, Mr. Smith_______the dishes. (wash)

11. Mrs. Smith sometimes_____shopping after breakfast. (go)

12. Mr. and Mrs. Smith don't work. They____retired. (be)

13. Mrs. Smith____rarely busy. (be)

14. She_____to take it easy. (like)

15. Mr. Smith is always busy. He_____hard in the house. (work)

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