Winter Class Geology 202, Portland Community College
A beautiful day for exploring the geology of
	the coast A beautiful day for a field trip. The winter tide was near full and the surf was high with a good swell. We could hear the drag of the bottom load as the backwash rolled the pebbels and flotsom down the grade of the beach. We stopped at 9 sites along this 36 mile section of coastline. The map at the right shows the location of each geological site we examined. The map is designed to be interactive. Click on a site number and take the virtual field trip.
  • First stop: Beach at Road's End State Park
  • Stop 2: Roadside along Siletz Bay south of Lincoln City
  • Stop 3: Depoe Bay pillow basalts, Whalecove sandstone contact
  • Stop 4: Agate Beach Wayside
  • Stop 5: Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area, upper quarry
  • Stop 6: Yaquina Head Light House, Salal Hill view point
  • Stop 7: Yaquina Head lower quarry
  • Stop 8: Otter Rock & Devil's Punch Bowl
  • Last stop: Otter Crest view point
The tide was near high water and the waves were rolling in.
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  • Created by STANLEY R. SANDERS, 1999