7th Stop:
Yaquina Head Lower Quarry Tidepools

Along the south facing cliff wall a former rock quarry has created a basin just above the mean tideline. Tide pools formed here are used for educational purposes.

There are two faults visible along this northeast quarry face. The apparent dip is nearly vertical and is a normal fault with the left side rising against the right (landward) side dropping.

The basalt displayed in the walls shows a variety of forms. Splayed columnar jointing (indicative of lava that was still moving as it cooled), and patterns of jointing perpendicular to the dipping contour of the topography over which it was flowing. To the left we can see hackley entablature, brick-bat jointing. Spheroidal weathering is tending to round these square and blocky jointed rocks.

This is the nortwest wall and here we can see the fault that is probably the extension of the one we noted in the upper quarry wall at Stop 5.

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