Honors and noteworthy acknowledgements

Daina and Melinda,
It was a splendid field trip. Too bad we couldn't have taken several days and have done the dunes and coast range, too. My thanks for your efforts, time, and knowledge. Both field trips were an educational success, a tribute to the college.

Our Fearless Leaders, Daina Hardisty (in front of the counter) and Melinda Hutson.

This was a very enjoyable and educational field trip. I have never been more fascinated with the field of geology. I have reached a point in my studies where the concepts of deep time events are beginning to more meaningfully reach my consciousness. When I would listen to a lecture by Carl Sagen or Robert Jastrow, in the past, my mind would accept the light years or eons rather as a matter of fact. But somehow these dimensions are changing within the relation of things past and present. A little education is dangerous. And I think I'm reaching that dangerous point, of understanding how little I know and how vast the room to learn.

Geological time does put current events into a little different context, doesn't it? The nature of the forces and events that are recorded in the Earth's surface are certainly humbling, and deeply fascinating. I'm looking forward to more.

Stan Sanders

Created by STANLEY R. SANDERS, 1999