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Special Reports

Occasionally, staff will generate reports of relevant issues around employment, career development or program delivery. (For more information, contact the authors of the reports.)

Panther Works Links for Staff

The following access links are available in Panther Works: Administrators, Students, Employers. (Directions for Posting Jobs at PCC.)

Employer Recruiting Activities at PCC

All faculty and staff are expected to adhere to college policies and employment law as it relates to fair access, fair employment practices, and privacy. This is true for ALL recruitment activities, whether formal (e.g., a job fair or posting a job announcement) or informal contacts with recruiters. Before working with any recruiter, please review this Overview of Recruiting Policies and Regulations. (Also available for download here.)

Co-op Instruction:

The following sites describe PCC policies and procedures related to Co-op, including sample documentation and learning objectives.

Co-op/Internships Abroad:

Students interesting in doing an internship overseas will need to work with the Education Abroad office to check eligibility, learn about current programs, and receive placement assistance for approved sites. Students will also work with the Co-op office to receive credit once site placement is arranged.

Employment for International Students Attending PCC

Students attending college on an F-1 visa are restricted in how and where they may work while in the U.S.  Violations of these restrictions may result in penalties or withdrawal of their student status.  PCC has specific policies in place for international students wishing to work.

Immigration Status, DACA, Sanctuary Status and Related

Jobs & Internships does not "pre-qualify" employment eligibility. We don't check for work visas* or ask about immigration status. We will let students know about any job requirements including work permit requirements. This means that some students without proper work eligibility may be referred to employers.

DACA recipients may qualify for a work permit (EAD). However, this is a temporary work permit that must be renewed every two years. Some employers may not be able to hire workers with a temporary permit due to federal and state contract requirements. Also, some employers may not want to hire a "temporary" worker for a full-time, permanent job.

However, employers must not ask about DACA or any other immigration status. They can ask if candidates are qualified to work in the United States and if they qualify for the job requirements (which may restrict temporary work permits). Of course, employers will check for work permissions when completing the I-9 form. Under the current executive order, DACA work permits (EADs) are still valid. Workers with EADs that expire by March 5th are allowed to apply for renewal.

"Sanctuary" status is not addressed in federal, state or local employment law. PCC's official statement of commitment as a "sanctuary college" is available here:

Employment and Other Resources for Immigrant Job Seekers

Co-op Task Force Findings:

In 2008/2009, a joint faculty, academic professional, and management task force was appointed to review Cooperative Education goals, practices, and roles at PCC. The task force looked at compliance with state guidelines and current PCC policies, as well as best practices. A final report was presented to the Academic and Student Affairs Council on March 17, 2009. At Chris Chairsell's request, this report was circulated to the SACs in April 2009.

Federal & State Guidelines:

There are a number of compliance requirements related to DOE guidelines, civil rights and employment law that affect Co-op and recruiting activities at PCC. The following are reference materials related to these guidelines.

Scholarships & Admissions Resources:

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