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Jobs & Internships

Jobs and Internships for Students and Graduates

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General full-time and part-time jobs open to all PCC students and graduates are posted on-line via Panther Works and on job boards at each Jobs & Internships office. Postings can be accessed on-line via the "Paying for College" tab of MyPCC. Past graduates without MyPCC access can connect here.
Graduates and advanced students in our Professional - Technical programs receive referrals for full-time career positions, and part-time and internship positions related to their field of study. Grads/students will work with an assigned specialist to prepare job search materials and receive job postings. Click the button to the left for details.
Work Study is a grant program through Financial Aid. Use the button to the left to get information on eligibility and application directions. Once notified of their grant eligibility, students can access Work Study openings on any of the PCC campuses via Panther Works.
Other on-campus jobs include Student Help and Casual Staff. For Student Help, applicants must be taking at least 6 credits during the term they work. These positions can be accessed via the "Paying for College" tab on MyPCC or the button to the left. (Not all openings are publicly posted.)
Cooperative Education or Internship positions are available to most PCC students. All positions offer college credit. Some positions are paid; others are unpaid. Interested students will work with an assigned Co-op Specialist to determine eligibility and receive internship referrals.

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