Take Our Trip

Sorry, you have to sit in the back of the van.

** I stole picture of the map from one of Melinda's other class websites. That guy
is much better with computer than I am. I hope he doesn't mind me stealing
this graphic!**

Day 1- Thursday, May 2

Arrive at the Field Station
Malhuer Refuge Headquarters

Day 2- Friday, May 3

French Glen
Aluvial Fan
Peter's Impromtu Stop
Diatomacious Earth Beds
Borax Lake
Alvord Playa
Mickey Hot Springs
Mann Lake
Malhuer Cave
Apple Peddler

Day 3- Saturday, May 4

Grouse Watching
Wrights Point
Buena Vista Refuge
Buena Vista Outlook
Page Springs Campground
Random Birding
Diamond Craters
Round Barn

Day 4- Sunday, May 5

Serpentinite Cliff
John Day Fossil Bed
Painted Hills
Cactus Hunt

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