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Preface Project Notes

We dedicate this book to our students. May you have greater ease in paying for college and grow your proficiency and confidence in math.

Acknowledgements: We would like to thank Amy Hofer and grant support from Open Oregon Educational Resources and the PCC librarians and OER steering committee. Thanks also to Kaela Parks and Michael Cantino of Disability Services for their expertise on accessibility.

Antiracist and Culturally Responsive Elements: Our goal is for our students to see themselves in this book. We have added stories of mathematicians and economists with identities that have traditionally been underrepresented in textbooks. We use local places and culturally diverse names in the examples and exercises. We have examples with they/them/their pronouns and same-sex couples.

In the democracy chapter we have included the Native American genocide and slavery which are often left out of math texts. We have also emphasized the names of civil right leaders and African Americans killed by the police in our examples. We recognize there is more to do in this area and welcome contributions and feedback. Please email Cara Lee at or use the Google Form link below.

Philosophy: Our goal is for the content of this book to be relevant and accessible to our readers. We emphasize technology, conceptual understanding and communication over rote calculation. However, some manual calculation is important to understand what the technology is doing. We emphasize readily available spreadsheets and GeoGebra throughout the text.

Web and Print Versions: This book is available free online at Chapters 1-5 are available at the PCC bookstore printed by the PCC Print Center.

Additional Topics: Your course may include one or more instructor choice topics which are available online only from the website above, or from David Lippman's original book at

Accessibility: The html version of this book is intended to meet or exceed web accessibility standards. The alternate text for images is in progress. If you find anything that can improve the accessibility of this book, please email Cara Lee at or use the Google Form link below.

Online Homework: Online homework problems are available for free at

Typos and Other Feedback: Please notify us of typos and other feedback using this Google Form 1 .