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ENGL 211 Technical Report Writing II

Projects and Assignments

Students in WR 227 will be required to complete three kinds of activities: weekly written assignments, group activities in class and a major technical project. (We may also have a quiz or two on topics to be announced.) All activities should be completed and submitted before or on the due date. Please submit your written work typed or word processed. Remember to check for spelling and grammar, as these will effect your grade. See the Grading Criteria for more information. We will have a chance to discuss your progress during the term in our Student-Instructor conferences.

Weekly Assignments and Extra Credit

You will have six graded weekly assignments. Weekly assignments are worth 10 points each.
Profile  Interview your partner to gather the following information: 
  • Personal Information (Name, Major, Employer/Job Title, Interests, etc.) 
  • Experience with business/technical communications 
  • Communications skills (Tools, techniques, languages or other special abilities) 
  •  Goals for the course
Create a profile by summarizing your interview.  Include a title (e.g., ENGL 211 Profile: Name of Interviewee) and author's name (that's you). Please type or word process this document.
Note: You may want to exchange e-mail addresses for follow-up questions.
Length: 1/2 -
1 page 
Week 2
Product Description Write a brief, technical description of a product or object (your choice).  Use the format we discussed in class. You may include a graphic illustration as a reference for the copy.  Do NOT write a process description. Length: 1-2 pages Due: 
Week 3
Instructions Revision Find a set of instructions that you feel is unclear or poorly written. Briefly explain what improvements are necessary. Then, rewrite the instructions. You may include graphic illustrations as a reference for the copy.  Length: 1-3 pages Due: 
Week 5
Project Proposal Write a brief proposal to your instructor suggesting your final project. (Note: You will not need "Front Matter" or "Back Matter" for this proposal. "Costs" should only be included as necessary.) A sample is available on-line at Length: 1-3 pages Due: 
Week 6
Web Page Create a simple web page including a heading, a short text block, a graphic, a hyperlink and an e-mail link.  Length: 1-2 pages  Due: 
Week 7
Progress Report Write a brief report documenting your progress on your final project and presentation.  You may use the formal progress report (letter) format or the less formal activity report (memo) format. E-mail your report to by Noon, 5/27/03. Length: 1-2 pages Due: Week 9
Rewrite of Weekly Assignments (Extra Credit) You may rewrite any assignments listed above for extra credit points. See my comments on your graded papers for suggestions. Length: 1-2 pages Due: 
Week 10
Make-up Assignment If you need to do a make-up paper, read the Quick and Easy Guide to Definitions and write an expanded definition. (The topic is your choice.) Length: 1-2 pages Due: 
Week 10

Group Activities

Group activities will be assigned and completed in class each week. Participants will submit individual work based on these assignments. Each group assignment will be worth 5 points. Grading will be based on participation.

Technical Project

The final technical project will include a technical paper (80 pts.) and a visual presentation (20 pts.) of the project, due by the beginning of class in Week 11. You are encouraged to choose topics that relate to your professional and personal interests. Projects that may be used at work are acceptable, although you should check with your employer regarding copyright and other concerns.

The paper may be in any form of technical communications discussed in class (e.g., research report, proposal, instructions manual, etc.) . Papers must be no shorter than 6 pages in length and no longer that 12 pages, excluding front and back matter.  The paper must include significant research on subjects outside of class. Sources, of course, must be referenced appropriately.

You will also be required to prepare a visual presentation summarizing your project. This is not a formal presentation, but rather a visual representation of your work for exhibition. Options include preparing a poster board, a brochure or manual, or an electronic presentation (e.g., web page) if equipment is available. The instructor will provide more information and samples. These presentations will be exhibited for review by the class in our last meeting.

Important: In order to earn points for your visual presentation, you must write a critique of at least two presentations (other than your own).  These critiques should be submitted to the instructor during the last class meeting.  Critiques can be short, 2-3 paragraphs, and should focus on content and execution.  Try to comment on what works and what does not.  As these critiques will be shared with the presentations' authors, please keep your comments polite and constructive.

Sample Presentations:

Some include a full downloadable paper.
Web Resources for Technical Writing

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