CG 209

Weekday Class


Complete the on-line readings as assigned below:
Week One Syllabus 
Week Two Self Assessment and Researching Markets, Companies & Jobs
Week Three Resumes
Week Four Applications
Week Five Informational Interviews 
Week Six Cover Letters & Other Tools, Portfolios
Week Seven Contacting Employers
Week Eight Interviewing
Week Nine Interviewing (Cont.)
Week Ten Follow-up
Week Eleven Job Success


Weekly assignments will be given in class. Unless otherwise assigned, they will be due in class the following week. Late assignments will not be accepted.

Final Project

You will have your choice of final projects for the class. Below is a brief description of each choice with suggestions for materials to include. However, each portfolio or job search packet should be individualized to your own needs. Check with the instructor about pieces you would like to include in your packet.

Draft Portfolio - For students in drafting, graphic arts, printing, technical writing, etc.

Job Search Packet - For general or technical students without samples of work.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact George Knox at (971)722-4475 or stop by the Student Employment Office, CC 221.

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