My name is Andy Freed. I've been working at PCC for 15 years. I see the power and opportunity that computers and the Internet can offer to education and the learning process. I feel very deeply that the right technology, when well supported, can help people overcome barriers to their educational goals. I have worked in several roles at Portland Community College; all have focused on supporting students and in their use of technology to interact, to communicate, and to learn.

I am currently the Manager of Technology & Support in Distance Education and Instructional Support. I supervise a team of student services and student and faculty support professionals as well as manage the various technologies and platforms used by Distance Education. This includes the Faculty Help Desk, the Student Help Desk.

We use Desire2Learn for our Learning Environment, Kaltura for streaming media, Blackboard Collaborate for online meetings, and lots of other things that are lots of fun to work with.

In the last few years, I've become more invovled in helping the college provide greater access to student services for online students. Some of our biggest projects lately are focused on increasing partiy to service for online students. After all, as of Fall 2015, over 44% of PCC students were taking at least one online course, and 20% of the credit FTE comes from online classes. Mainstream, yo.

I also serve on a plethora of committees at the College, including the Distance Learning Advisory Council, District Student Service Leadership, Change Control Board, Infrastructure and Administrative Systems governance sub-committees, Academic Integrity Task Force, Online Learning Strategies Workgroup, OER Task Force, Media Tactics, LMS Support Group, Proctoring Guidelines Workgroup, Student Services Outcomes Assessment Committee, and probably another one soon. I also participate in OCCDLA, MSDL, NEBSA, and a group that likes to get pickelbacks when attending ITC and/or D2L Fusion.


Oh, and check out out Instructional best practices blog.