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Frank Meza is a PCC student pursuing his Associate of Applied Science in Machine Manufacturing Technology. He sought assistance at the Jobs and Internships office for identifying and sourcing a spring term Cooperative Education opportunity. Together, we found a job opening with Treske Precision Machining Inc. Frank was coached on how to approach Treske to do his Co-op. They hired him into a paid position, and noted that he currently is doing a fantastic job working there.

Frank decided to also apply for a summer internship with Boeing. He received support from faculty as well as feedback with his resume, supplemental questions, and interviewing tips from the Jobs and Internships office. He was also offered an internship with Boeing, which could provide even more direct experience that he can apply towards his future employment successes.

Before attending PCC, Frank previously served in the National Guard. He then worked in a paper mill that shut down. He qualified for the GI Bill as well as Trade Act benefits. After researching possible job industries, he chose CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining and programming. Frank said “Hard work pays off, and I am finally doing a job that I enjoy and feel excited to do. The things that we want are within our grasp, but we have to go out there and grab them.”

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