Where Do New Ideas Come From?

I had a friend who was a Tibetan man.

And I asked him at one point,
You know we were talking about the thing of
incarnations, and previous lives,
and those ideas they have.

And I said, Well, where do new ideas come from?

Like inventions,
like where do light bulbs and televisions come from?

And he said, Well you know,
there are many different realms
besides the earth
that you can be incarnated in.

And these, each of these places,
some are material,
some are purely spiritual realms.

And he said, In some of those places,
communication across a distance
may have been the natural way that things worked.

He said, Just like when a child
sees a television set for the first time,
may go home and get out a cardboard box and crayons
and make a pretend television set.

He said, That’s what these inventions,
these mechanical inventions that humans make are.

They’re a memory of what was
natural law in some other realm.

And we make these cheap imitations of them,
these play imitations,
to remind ourselves of these other lives.

Something I heard on the radio a long time ago...

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