Math 20 Activity Packet Open Educational Resource

This is a free, open educational resource designed by Math Instructors and Disability Services at Portland Community College. Please use as many of the activities as you wish and share this link with others.

On This Site

  • The html with MathML version which can be scaled and used with assistive technology to meet student needs
  • PDF files of the activities to download (for print only)
  • Microsoft Word files that can be downloaded and edited (created with MathType)
  • Braille Ready files
  • Source files for the 3D printed fraction circle kits
  • Links to read more about Math Player and NVDA Screen Reader

Types of Activities

  • Guided discovery or inquiry to introduce a topic
  • Practice worksheets
  • Games
  • Review activities


  • Ready-to-go activities to use in the classroom
  • Common activities to encourage more consistency between sections
  • Hands-on activities and variety to meet the needs of multiple learning styles and abilities
  • Group work and guided activities to increase learner engagement, empowerment and retention
  • Prepares students for multiple pathways: Math Literacy, Algebra and Career and Technical Education
  • Accessible on the front-end to reduce delays for learners who need alternate formats


Several of the activities use manipulatives for hands-on learning.

If you teach at PCC, there are class sets of manipulatives at each campus and center (Two sets at SY, SE, RC and CA, and one class set each for NB and HB.) Check with your Department Chair for location.

For instructors at other colleges, the source files are available for you to make your own sets, and some items are commonly available.

Manipulatives to produce for each class set:

  • 8 fraction circle kits - designed and produced for PCC by Disability Services
  • 12 decks of fraction, decimal, percent cards
  • 12 sets of median cards

Other materials needed:

  • 8 decks of standard playing cards
  • 36 standard 6-sided dice
  • 20 Paperclips
  • Colored pencils

Questions and Feedback

We would like to help you use these activities with your students

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