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Beginning Website Creation: WordPress

A Web design course that introduces the creation of sophisticated, dynamic, interactive and fully functional websites using WordPress, a Content Management System (CMS). Includes installing and modifying templates, creating efficient site navigation using menus, organizing a site using components, enhancing a site with plugins, creating a blog, and creating user functionality with user logins.


In this class, you'll create 3 functional WordPress websites:

Project Website: The instructor walks you through creating a project site (one you are given the content for) in class. You'll also learn the basics about HTML, CSS and SEO in class lectures.

Calisthenics Website: You work on this testing site on your own and follow partially guided steps -- you can use whatever content you'd like on this one or follow the example content. This is essentially a site for you to experiment on while hitting certain established mileposts.

Final Website: This one is all yours and it can be your own real site, with real content. Or it can be fictional. There are a few requirements, but outside of some general requirements, this site can be whatever you'd like it to be. In past classes, students have created real sites for their businesses or personal interests.



Before you take CAS 111W, you should also have a solid understanding of file management. This means you should know how to find, copy, move, rename and delete files and folders. You should also know how to save files with a word processing or text editing program. If you aren't sure how to do the above or you need a refresher, you may benefit from first taking CAS 133 Beginning Computers/Microsoft Office.