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Preface Errata

Please notify us of typos and other feedback using this Google Form 2 .

These errors have been found since the last printing and fixed in the online version. The next printed books will have these corrections.

Table 0.0.1.
Section Error Description
1.1 In the symbols box, not A can also be written as ~A.
2.2 Example 2.2.3 was fixed so that I = $1000(.0025) = $2.50.
2.2 Example 2.2.5 was fixed to have 12*20 in the spreadsheet formula instead of 12/20.
2.2 Example 2.2.7 was fixed so that 40,000 is in the formula instead of 4000.
5.1 Rodney King was not killed by the police but he was brutally beaten by four white police officers.