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Sue Moser
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Halloween Pumpkins


We celebrate Halloween each year on October 31st . The story of this holiday begins about 2000 years ago at the time of the Celtic Druids, who believe that the souls of the dead return on the night before All Saint’s Day, November 1st. They start the tradition of Halloween to honor their ancestors and also celebrate the harvest. Pumpkins and other gourds are popular foods at the fall harvest time.

classroomAbout 600 years later, people begin to celebrate Halloween all over Europe. An important tradition is to carve scary faces into the gourds and put fire inside to scare away any evil spirits that return on Halloween.

Today, people still like to carve faces into pumpkins and put candles inside. These carved pumpkins are called jack o’ lanterns. Pies and soups made from pumpkins are popular around Halloween, and some people bake the seeds from the pumpkin and eat them.