Noun clauses with that
  Change a given sentence into a noun clause using expressions in parentheses. There are two ways you can answer:
He is a famous actor. ( it's a fact)
1. It's a fact that he is a famous actor.
2. That he is a famous actor is a fact.

1 Exercise is good for your health. ( It's a fact)

2 It rains a lot in Oregon. ( It's a well-known fact)

3 He can't speak English. ( it's true)

4 She can speak French, but she can't write. ( it's strange)

5 She is not late today. ( it's surprising)

6 She is much younger than John. ( it's obvious)

7 He failed his final exam. (it's too bad)

8 He is always rude with his friends. ( it's a shame)

9 Her wallet was stolen. ( it's unfortunate)

10 Second- hand smoking is as bad as smoking. ( it's surprising )