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Sue Moser
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Pay to Park

If you want to park your car on the street in downtown Portland, you need to pay for it. There are two different machines you can use to pay for street parking. Some parking spaces have parking meters. Some of these meters let you park for only fifteen minutes, but some let you park for two hours or more. Using these machines is easy: Just put your coins into the small meter machine on the sidewalk in front of your car. It costs 25 cents for 15 minutes. The machine will show you how much time you have. Coin_opThese are the old machines. The new machines are called SmartMeters. For many parking spaces, you need to put your money into a SmartMeter machine. There is one machine in the middle of each block. First, put your coins in the machine – 1 quarter for every 15 minutes of parking. Then, press the green button. The machine gives you a Coin_opreceipt. Next, tear off the smaller part of the receipt to keep. Finally, stick the larger part of the receipt on the inside of your car window. Be sure to leave the parking space before the time you see on your receipt. If you don’t leave before that time, or if you don’t put any money in the meter, you might get an expensive parking ticket! Remember, you don’t have to pay to park on the Coin_opstreet after 6pm, or on Sundays or holidays. It’s a good idea to keep some change in your car if you want to park on the street in downtown Portland.