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Melisa Crosby
Descriptive Paragraph

Portland Parks

Did you know there are more than 200 parks in the city of Portland? There are many different kinds of parks to enjoy. Most parks have playgrounds for small children. The playground at Washington Park is especially fun for kids. Most parks have areas to playbasketball, baseball, tennis, and soccer. People gather every weekend to play soccer at Fernhill Park in NE Portland. There are picnic areas for small and large groups. Laurelhurst Park in SE Portland is a beautiful place for a picnic. Many parks have swimming pools. classroomThe pools at Gabriel Park in SW Portland and Mt. Scott Park in SE Portland are large and exciting. Some parks have community gardens where you can grow your own food. There is a beautiful new community garden where neighbors grow food together at Rigler School in NE Portland. Some parks have beautiful rose gardens. The rose garden in Washington Park is world famous but there is also a beautiful rose garden in North Portland at Peninsula Park. Other parks have trails for hiking. You can take long walks in Forest Park. There is something for everyone in Portland’s parks and you can enjoy nearly everything for free!

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