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Mike Bené
Contrast Paragraph

Dogs and Goldfish

dogDogs are probably the most popular pet in America, but I think a goldfish is a much better pet than a dog. First of all, a goldfish is much quieter than a dog. A dog will often bark when someone comes to the door. However, a goldfish would never bark or even make a noise. In addition, goldfish are much cleaner than other animals. Both dogs and cats get hair all over the furniture in your house. A goldfish doesn’t evengold fish have any hair, so it is much cleaner. Finally, a goldfish is much less expensive to buy and take care of. I recently saw goldfish for sale at a pet store for 99 cents. On the other hand, my uncle recently paid $350.00 for a Labrador retriever.  Also, food for a dog can cost up to ten dollars a week, but food for a goldfish probably won’t cost you that much in a whole year. If you are looking for a quiet, clean and inexpensive pet, you should choose a goldfish not a dog.