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I.    Career Planning and Decision-Making

          A.  Occupations of Workers with Disabilities
          B.  Career Self-Assessments
          C.  Making a Career Choice and Action Plan


II.   Career Preparation

   A.  Career Education and Vocational Training

                   1.  Education and Training Avenues
                   2.  Education and Training Assistance Programs
                   3.  College Transition Guides for People with Disabilities
                   4.  Educational Preparation Programs

          B.  Financing Education and Career Training

                   1.  State Agencies Serving People with Disabilities
                   2.  Federal Financial Aid Programs
                   3.  State Financial Assistance Programs
                   4.  Family Savings Plans and Tax Incentives
                   5.  Scholarships for People with Disabilities
                   6.  Scholarships and Financial Resources-General
                   7.  Foundations
                   8.  Community Service Organizations

          C.  Social Security Information for Students and Self-
                Employment Seekers

                   1.  Student Earned Income Exclusion 
                   2.  Plan for Achieving Self-Support (PASS)
                   3.  Information about Scholarships and Grants  
                   4.  Social Security Disability Programs


III.   Preparing for the Transition to Employment

A.  Independent Living and Personal Support Resources

                   1.  Oregon Independent Living Resources
                   2.  Washington State Independent Living Resources
                   3.  Independent Living Resources - State Listings
                   4.  Canines for Independence
                   5.  Guide Dogs for the Blind
                   6.  Dogs for the Deaf

B.  Social Security Work Incentives and Benefits

                   1.  Ticket to Work Program
                   2.  Work Incentives
           C.  Medical Coverage Information for People with Disabilities
                 Entering the Workforce - In the Workforce - or Losing a Job

                    1.  Employer Health Insurance Benefits
                    2.  SSI/SSDI Work Incentive Programs - Continuation
                         of Medical Coverage
                    3.  Federal Acts
                    4.  Oregon State-Sponsored Health Plans and Services      
                    5.  Washington State-Sponsored Health Plans and Services
                    6.  Colleges and Universities


IV.  Workplace Orientation

A.  Workplace Laws and Regulations

                    1.  Federal Laws
                    2.  Oregon State Laws
                    3.  Washington State Laws

           B.  Types of Employees

                    1.  Full-time, Part-time
                    2.  Temporary, Leased
                    3.  Job Share Employees
                    4.  Employees with Co-Employers

           C.  Alternative Work Options

                    1.  Part-time Employment
                    2.  Job-Sharing
                    3.  Flexible Work Schedules
                    4.  Telecommuting
                    5.  Teleworking
                    6.  Self-Employment

           D.  Job Accommodations in the Workplace

                    1.  Overview of Job Accommodations
                    2.  Reasonable Accommodation under ADA
                    3.  Types of Job Accommodations
                    4.  Needs vs. Wants
                    5.  Determining What Accommodations Will Be Provided     
                    6.  How to Arrange Accommodations with an Employer    
                    7.  Financing Job Accommodations
                    8.  Locating Job Accommodation Resources, Information, and 
                    9.  Assistive Technology Training
                  10.  Where Employers Can Locate Sign Language Interpreters
                          and Captioning
                  11.  Where Employers Can Locate Brailling, Audio, Large Print,
                          Electronic Formatting (Alternate Format) Services


V.  Preparing Yourself For Employers

         A.  How to Sell Yourself and Win Over Employers

                    1.  Incentives and Tax Credits for Employers
                    2.  Building Up Your Work Experience
                    3.  What Employers Look For
                    4.  Reasons Why People are Hired

B.  Job Search Preparation

                    1.  Researching Employers
                    2.  Disclosing Your Disability - When?  How?
                    3.  Preparing Your Resume
                    4.  Writing a Cover Letter to an Employer
                    5.  Application Tips
                    6.  Preparing for Job Interviews


VI.  Job Searching

A.  Job Search Resources

                    1.  State Agency Services 
                    2.  One-Stop Centers
                    3.  Disability Organizations
                    4.  Classified Ads
                    5.  Direct Employer Contact
                    6.  College Job Placement Services
                    7.  Online Job Banks
                    8.  Online Resume Banks (Tips for Using)
                    9.  Career Networking
                  10.  Family and Friends
                  11.  Volunteering, Internships, and Co-ops

         B.  Online Job Search Links

                    1.  Job Links and Resources for People with Disabilities
                    2.  Government Job Listings
                    3.  Private-Sector Job Listings
                    4.  Telecommuting Job Links
                    5.  Temporary Job Links
                    6.  Miscellaneous Opportunities
                    7.  College Student Internships

         C.  Job Searching - What to Expect

                    1.  Length of Time for Job Searching
                    2.  Two Words about Rejection


VII.  Entering the Workplace

           A.  Learning the Corporate Culture

                    1.  Overview
                    2.  What is Corporate Culture?
                    3.  Why is It Important to Learn the Corporate Culture?       
                    4.  What Should New Employees Know?
                    5.  Observation Checklist for New Employees

           B.  Workplace Privacy

                    1.  Personnel Files
                    2.  Criminal Records
                    3.  Medical Records
                    4.  Credit Information
                    5.  Examinations and Testing
                    6.  Monitoring
                    7.  Clothing and Grooming Codes
                    8.  Conduct Codes

           C.  Federal Tax Deductions and Credits for Employees
                 with Disabilities

                    1.  Impairment-Related Work Expenses

           D.  Emergency Evacuation Procedure Plan - Checklist
                     1.  Employees with Hearing Impairments
                     2.  Employees with Mobility Impairments
                     3.  Employees with Vision Impairments
                     4.  Additional Resources

VIII.  The Road to Career Success

A.  Building Effective Interpersonal Communication Skills 

                     1.  Communication Skills Self-Assessment Exercise

            B.  Employee Evaluations

                     1.  Overview of the Evaluation Process
                     2.  Purpose of Evaluations
                     3.  What Supervisors Evaluate
                     4.  Responding to the Evaluation
                     5.  Appealing an Evaluation

            C.  Participating in Meetings Checklist

                     1.  Tips for Meetings

            D.  Conducting Meetings Checklist

                     1.  Tips for Conducting Meetings

            E.  Resolving Workplace Problems

                     1.  How to Resolve Workplace Conflicts
                     2.  How to Handle Mistakes
                     3.  How to Deal with Difficult Customers

            F.  Managing Job Stress

                     1.  Job Stress Surveys and Studies
                     2.  What is Job Stress?
                     3.  What are the Causes of Job Stress?
                     4.  Warning Signs of Job Stress
                     5.  What Can Be Done about Job Stress?
                     6.  What Organizational Changes Can Help Reduce
                          Job Stress?
                     7.  What Worker Characteristics Can Cause Job
                     8.  What Can Workers Do to Reduce Job Stress?


IX.   Job Changes

           A.  Job Advancement Strategies

                     1.  Overview
                     2.  Job Advancement Activity Guide
                     3.  Overcoming Job Advancement Obstacles

           B.  Losing a Job

                     1.  Getting Laid Off
                     2.  Getting Fired
                     3.  Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses
                     4.  Employment Assistance Agencies

           C.  Changing Jobs

                     1.  Job-Hopping
                     2.  Reasons to Change
                     3.  Job Change vs. Career Change
                     4.  When to Resign from a Job
                     5.  How to Resign from a Job
                     6.  Letter of Resignation


X.  Starting Your Own Business

A.  Self-Employment

                     1.  Overview
                     2.  Self-Employment Assessment
                     3.  Home-Based Businesses
                     4.  Resources for Starting a Business 
                     5.  Profiles of Entrepreneurs with Disabilities
                     6.  Current Self-Employment Opportunities


XI.  Success Stories

A.  Personal Success Stories

           B.  Share Your Success Story!


XII.   Famous People with Disabilities
         Famous Deaf Americans


XIII.  References and Acknowledgments

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