by Michael and the Arpeggiators
I support viewpoint diversity on campus.
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I started out with accordion lessons at the age of 9, but the music that I really liked was jazz and rock, so I switched over to piano when I was 15. In the 1970s, I was in a pretty good amateur rock band, playing a Wurlitzer model 200A electric piano.

My current rig consists of a Yamaha Montage 7 (previously a Yamaha Motif XF7) and a ROLI Seaboard Rise 25 that I use with Cubase music production software on a fanless Surface Pro i5 tablet (right) using a 12.9" iPad Pro as a second monitor (center) via the brilliant Duet Display app. The Surface Keyboard has all the keys I need for Cubase, and also does a great job of controlling Surface Pro things like screen brightness. The old iPad (left) is for manuals, etc. It’s all mounted on a great K&M Omega stand.

It’s taken me years to climb the ferocious learning curve of this equipment, but it's really cool what I can do now that I know how.

You can listen to some of the music I've created on SoundCloud. My “band” is usually called Michael and the Arpeggiators (arpeggiators are a feature of synthesizers). But when I do a Grateful Dead song, I think of myself as The Grateful Not To Be Dead.

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