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Office: Sylvania ST 312
Phone: 503 977-4146
Fax: 503 977-8020
e-mail: mhutson@pcc.edu

Mailing Address:
Portland Community College
P.O. Box 19000
Portland, OR 97280-0990

Street Address:
Portland Community College
12000 SW 49th St.
Portland, OR 97219

B.S. Geophysics
M.S. Earth and Space Sciences
Ph.D. Planetary Science with a minor in Geosciences

Area of specialization:  METEORITES!

Lecture/Lab Classes in Geology

G201: Physical Geology

G202: Physical Geology

G203: Historical Geology

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Cross-polarized transmitted light image a portion of a silicate inclusion in the iron meteorite "Udei Station" showing the minerals plagioclase feldspar (plag) enclosing orthopyroxene (opx) grains.  The metallic portion of the meteorite shows up as black in this image