Mike Farrell

Mike Farrell

Department Chair ENGR
Instructor EET and ENGR, Advisor ENGR

Email: mike.farrell@pcc.edu
Phone: 971-722-4674
Office: ST-200

Office Hours:
Thursday 1:00pm - 1:30pm and 4:30pm - 4:50pm
or by appointment
I have an open door policy so come by. These times and all appointments I'm guarranteed to be available.

Weekly Schedule and Calender


Online Tutoring
EET Tutoring

Equipment Guides

This link provides information about all things LTSpice. There are links to tutorials and how to download the program.
Online Circuit Simulator

Matlab Tutorials and Help
MIT Matlab Intro Video
Mathworks Matlab Intro Video
You may wish to view other videos in these channels as well, there are many listed on these page

Helpful Matlab Scripts
fprintf regular expression table
This table will tell you how to decipher and understand all of the %f, %g, %e, %s options for fprintf


Data Sheets

Bode Plot Info and Paper

Significant Figure Tutorial

Helpful sheet of Calculus identities

Understanding circuit element markings
How to read resistor color bands
Tutorial on reading Capacitor Markings

General topic tutorials and references
TI Circuit Pocket Reference
This will require you to obtain a TI username and password.

There are many great tutorials and lessons on this website. Simply search for Ohms law, KCL, or whatever you want to know more about. I highly recommend these presentations for auxiliary help.

Understanding Operational Amplifier Specs
A whitepaper on understanding Op-amp data sheets and specs.

Opamps for Everyone

Filter Design Paper
Filter Design Wizard

Apps and Applets
Fourier Series Java Applet
Every Circuit Android App
Android App that has circuit demonstrations. This seems pretty useful and cool.

Current Classes

EET273 -- Electronic Control Systems

Previous Classes