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PCC logo Welcome to On-line Tutor Training!

Welcome to Tutor Training!

In the next weeks you will be participating in a unique training experience designed to provide you with a broad overview of some of the most important traits needed by tutors today. We hope it will be a great learning opportunity for you and that you will feel more confident in your tutoring abilities when you have completed the training. Your role is a unique and important one on the college campus today and we appreciate you!

You may want to bookmark this site so that you can return to it easily.

The course is set up as individual modules with follow-up labs/exercises. As you read through the material, there may also be short assignments and exercises for you to complete. You will need a small 3 ring binder or folder, notebook paper, pen/pencil, and a printer connected to your computer so that you may download and print out on-line materials. Please complete the exercises as you go through the modules and put all your work into your portfolio. Your completed portfolio should be submitted to Lynn Montoya on the Sylvania Campus, TCB 312, 503-977- 4096.

A few words of explanation before we start.

When you see this image, get ready to write your response.

Information following this symbol, indicates links to reading assignments.

This indicates word processing or downloading printed responses to exercises.

This class will utilize a variety of outside websites and resources, as well as written assignments. To move through the course, start with the Pretest below then move on to Module 1. Complete the corresponding lab, file it in your portfolio and move on to Module 2 to complete that lab, and so on. Print and save all your assignments in a portfolio, as prompted throughout the training.

One more thing ~ here's a navigation tip: on our pages, you will find links to reading material on other sites. These sites will open up in a new browser window. After visiting those sites, just close the browser window to return to the tutor training site.

Again, welcome! To get started see the pretest below.


Take the Pretest , print and add to your portfolio.