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Preliminaries ...

  • MyPCC e-mail
Use MyPCC e-mail account ONLY! to contact instructor, check regularly for communication.  
Note:  Identify Yourself !  Must have in the subject line class ID  (Pilates T/Th) and a descriptive keyword.  Messages without this requirement may be deleted unread.
Do not    put your Social Security or “G0” number!
  • PDC
Submit Personal Data Card (PDC) for Pilates T/Th with detailed health information before first class meeting to my MyPCC account  NOW  as an e-mail attachment in a MS Word compatible format, with "Class ID (Pilates T/Th) - PDC - (Your Name)"  in the subject line.  Inform me throughout the term in writing (updated PDC) if there has been a change or modification in your health that affects participation in the class.  It is highly recommended that each student have regular medical examinations.  Thank you.
Use Desire2Learn ONLY! for assignments, calendar, and interim tally of scores earned towards the grade.  Please contact me immediately via MyPCC e-mail account ONLY!  -   within 48 hours after the e-mail notification that grading data has been posted  -  with questions concerning your grade, or if you discover a discrepancy with your own records.  Concerns raised more than 48 hours after the "check" period will not be considered.  To access the Learning Management System, follow these steps:
  1. Log in to MyPCC with your username and password.
  2. Go to the MyPCC Home tab.
  3. Under Quick Links (left panel), click on Desire2Learn Login.  You should automatically connect to your Desire2Learn Homepage.  
  4. Access (click on) your class  (for Pilates T/Th:  PE182P  -   Pilates TTh)  and your Course Hompepage should open.
  5. Choose the appropriate tab for your activity:
    • Dropbox to access and submit assignments
    • Quizzes to take the Midterm Quiz
    • Grades to review your "current" standing in class.  Your score for your written assignments will be posted after they have been graded, and your score for attendance will be posted at the end of week 4, mid-week 8, and on Friday before Finals week.
  6. If you have questions concerning your grade, or if you discover a discrepancy with your own records, contact me immediately.
  7. If you encounter any technical problems with Desire2Learn please contact the Student Help Desk  -  see Student Helpdesk widget on the right side of Desire2Learn Home Page, or middle panel on the Pilates Home Page (below "News").

Assignments ...

Knowledge is empowering, so there will be
selected reading from my web page, some mini-lectures at the beginning of term, and three written assignments.

A.  Self-Study Reading Assignments

1. Pilates Terminology  -  (required reading)
  1.1.  Due Date  -  Pilates T/Th:  Daily before class.
    1.1.1. Go to the WebSite,  (http://spot.pcc.edu/~lkidoguc/), follow the links to the Pilates Terminology document, download and print the “Terminology” List of Terms for self-study and as reference to follow along and take notes during mini-lectures.
2. Pilates Worksheet  -  (optional but recommended reading)
  2.1.  Due Date  -  Pilates T/Th:  Daily before class.
    2.1.1. Go to the WebSite,  (http://spot.pcc.edu/~lkidoguc/), follow the links to the Pilates Worksheet, download and print the “Worksheet” collection of images for self-study, and as reference to follow along and take notes during mini-lectures.
3. Topics of Interest  -  (optional but recommended reading, unless specifically required)
  3.1.  Due Date  -  Pilates T/Th:  as listed below.
    3.1.1. Go to the WebSite,  (http://spot.pcc.edu/~lkidoguc/), follow the links to the Topics pages, and explore the notes on the various topics.

week 1  Tue, 3rd April
Thur, 5th April
Syllabus, Assignment Outline, PDC  (required)
Topics:  Safety Considerations, Exercise Basics, Terminology, Worksheet  (required)
week 2  Tue, 10th April
Thur, 12th April
Topics:  Core  -  Bones:  The Spine, Pelvis, Shoulder  (required)
Topics:  Core  -  Muscles:  The Shoulder, Back, Pelvis, Abdominals  (required)
week 3  Tue, 17th April
Thur, 19th April
Topics:  Core  -  Stability and Mobility  (required)
Topics:  Pelvic, Spinal, Shoulder Girdle Alignment  (required)
week 4  Tue, 24th April
Thur, 26th April
Topics  /  Terminology  /  Worksheet:  Review
Topics:  Spinal Mobility:  Flexion, Extension, Rotation, Lateral Flexion  (required)
Tue, 24th April only:  PCC In-Service Day  -  (no classes between 8:00 and 16:00)
week 5  Tue, 1st May
Thur, 3rd May
Topics:  Skeletal System
Topics:  Muscular System
week 6  Tue, 8th May
Thur, 10th May
Topics:  Respiratory System
Topics:  Nutrition
week 7  Tue, 15th May
Thur, 17th May
Topics:  Core  /  Terminology  /  Review  /   Desire2Learn Midterm Quiz Activation
Other Reading TBA:  Topics of Choice
week 8  Tue, 22nd May
Thur, 24th May
Other Reading TBA:  Topics of Choice  /   Desire2Learn Midterm Quiz Due Before class
Other Reading TBA:  Topics of Choice
week 9   and following;   Daily Other Reading TBA:  Topics of Choice

B.  Mini-Lectures at the beginning of term.

Due Date  -  daily at beginning of class.

Make sure you have studied the Pilates Terminology document, so you can follow along during the mini-lectures.  The Pilates Worksheet, and the notes on the various Topics as listed on the reading schedule are optional but highly recommended reading to facilitate student learning.

C.  Written Assignments   via  Desire2Learn (D2L)

It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that assignments are received and turned in on time.  Online assignments will not be accessible before and after the activation period, and need be submitted within that period to be considered for a grade.  Contact your instructor via MyPCC e-mail account ONLY! in a timely manner if you have any questions, or problems accessing online assignments.  Work submitted late May earn a reduced score at the instructor's discretion.  Detailed instructions above explain how to access Desire2Learn, and more detailed instructions within the Learning Management System explain how to work the assignments and constitute the grading criteria.

  1. Expectations  for 5 points;  (D2L Dropbox)
  2. Midterm Quiz  for 20 points;  (D2L Quizzes, 50-minute time limit)
  3. Reflection  for 5 points;  (D2L Dropbox)

Questions? ...  Huh? ...  Please feel free to ask!

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