China Silk Road
CIEE Project - 2009
January 23rd, 2009


ESOL 250: LEVEL 7 ACADEMIC READING                                              

Ethnic Minorities Around the World

 Slide show: Two areas in Asia

        Watch the slide show of Country A and Country B.

        Write down at least five differences that you see between the two.

2.    Uyghurs in China

        Find out about the Uyghurs

        Article report and small group activity

        Article report form

3.    An ethnic minority group in your or a neighboring country

        Find out about your ethnic group

        Your ethnic group: article/website report

        Your ethnic group: poster project

4.    An indigenous group from the United States

        Find out about your indigenous group

        Your indigenous group: article/website report

        Your indigenous group: poster project

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