ESOL 42/42N

Level 4 Writing

ESOL 42: Level 4 Writing

Description paragraph: A person you know

Example 1:

Ghada Elmarzoughi
ESOL 42: Level 4 Writing
November 22nd, 2014

My Husband

         My husband Khaled is 36 years old. He is an architect. He is short. He has beautiful big brown eyes. He has short straight, black hair. He has a charming smile. His favorite colors are black and white. He likes to wear black pants with a white shirt. He doesn’t like to wear long jackets and hats, but he likes to wear sunglasses. He likes to wake up early and drink a cup of hot Turkish coffee. He always likes to play with his daughter. He likes Chinese food. Khaled was working in the Libyan Urban Planning Department, and he had a private office. It was named Alquraa for Architects. He designed houses, hotels, and clinics. He liked his job very much, because he was an icon in this field. He likes drawing in his free time. He paints beautiful paintings. He also likes watching movies and the news on T.V. He is studying the English language at P.P.C. Khaled and I came to Portland last March. We love Portland very much, especially the landscapes and the rivers. Khaled plans to establish a construction company someday. He hopes to live in safety with his family. He also wants to visit the famous places in the world.

Example 2:

Vania Campos
ESOL 42: Level 4 Writing
November 21st, 2014

My Teen Sister

          My favorite little sister is Belen. She is sixteen years old. She is short, 1 meter and 51 centimeters tall. She has long wavy, shiny, brown hair. Her skin is so beautiful. It reminds me of the color of coffee with milk. Her face is a heart form. You can see her anger or happiness in her big expressive brown eyes. She has a little nose, and her mouth looks like it was painted light pink. She can speak two thousand words, moving from hate to love and from love to hate, change her opinion five times, start talking alone, forget what she was talking about at the beginning, all in one minute. It’s a little difficult to try to talk to her, but it’s fun. She has a strong personality. She falls in love every year, and she is a little crazy, but I love her personality. Sometimes I want to kill her, and she wants to kill me too. I think that is normal between sisters. She is like the song “Mystery Train” by Bon Jovi. She likes rap, hip-hop and pop music. She likes reading romance and fantasy books. She enjoys horror movies (I know, she is crazy). She loves to go out with her friends, paint her nails, and wear high heel shoes. She is always dancing, studying, reading, working and going out. She is a very busy girl. The truth is that since childhood, she has danced, sung and talked incessantly. She always knew what she wanted and never hesitated to say her opinion. She has lived happy and sad moments like everyone, but she has continued with her life. She makes me feel very proud for that reason. She will continue to grow up to become “the best version of herself,” and work hard to pay my bills (It’s a family joke). When she reads this part she will want to hit me. I love my teen sister.

Example 3:

Jaime Cabrera Morales
ESOL 42: Level 4 Writing
November 23rd, 2014

My Cousin

         My cousin, Vera, is 20 years old. She is single. She has smiling brown eyes. She has long, curly, black hair. She is quite short and a little fat. She doesn’t like to wear any kind of lipstick. She likes to wear pants. She doesn’t like to wear dresses. Her favorite color is black. She works in Portland at UPS. She is a manager at UPS. She loves her job very much. She thinks her job is good. She likes to go to parties. She goes to Salem to parties. She also likes to read novels and listen to music. Vera graduated from college two years ago. She studied company administration. Vera and I traveled to Washington D.C. last summer. We enjoyed Washington D.C. so much, especially the beaches and the aquariums. Vera plans to get married someday. She hopes to have just two children. She also wants to travel to many other places in the world.

Example 4:

Soce Serafimovski
ESOL 42: Level 4 Writing
November 22nd, 2014

My Busy Sister

          My sister, Dragana, is 32 years old. She is single with curly, blond hair and kind green eyes. Dragana loves fashion and enjoys shopping. She works in a clinic in Skopje, Macedonia. She is a clinic manager. Dragana doesn’t like it that the job keeps her so busy. She often works after hours by going to dinner meeting. She even receives many calls and emails at home. Dragana would like to be less busy with work. She loves the outdoors and goes skiing every year at Mt. Popova Shapaka in Macedonia. She also enjoys reading books, going out with friends, listening to music, and hiking. Dragana would like the meet someone and start a family. She hopes to have at least three children. She also wants to travel to many other places in the world.

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