ESOL 260

Level 8 Academic Reading

ESOL 260: Level 8 Academic Reading

Ricochet River

Short essay questions

On a separate sheet of paper, please write long paragraphs or short essays (120 words or more each) in answer to the following questions.

1.    How does living in Calamus impact each of the major characters (Jesse, Wade, Lorna, Link)? Do you see any changes in attitudes towards Calamus as the novel progresses?

2.    Go to this web site: <> and choose one of the Coyote stories to read. Summarize the story in about five sentences, and compare the Coyote character in this story with Jesse. Please write the title of the story you have chosen in your response.   

3.    Is Wade a different person than he was when the story began? Can you explain some of his decisions towards the end of the novel?

4.    How can you apply Darwin’s theory about "survival of the fittest" to the various characters and events in Ricochet River?

5.    Describe the author's writing style in this novel and give some examples of the literary devices that he uses. Do you think the first person narrative is effective?

6.    If you were going to write an ending to Ricochet River, how would you do it? Give a one-paragraph outline of the ending you would prefer for the novel.    


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