Instructor: George Knox E-mail: Phone: (503)977-4475

Office: Sylvania PCC, CC 221 (Student Employment/Cooperative Education Office)

Course Content and Outcomes: CG 209 is a one-quarter course designed to help students build job search skills. The class will provide information and practice in self-evaluation, researching career fields and companies, preparing resumes and other application tools, interviewing and job success. Its aim is to help students in finding summer, co-op and regular employment.

Text: Reading assignments are online at the CG 209 web site. Additional readings may be provided by the instructor in class or via e-mail.

Schedule of Readings and Assignments: A description of readings and assignments is available at the CG 209 web site. Due dates for assignments are also listed at the web site.

Grading: Grading will be based on participation in class activities, ie. attendance/online participation, and on written assignments. Grades will be given on a "Pass/No Pass" basis*. Any student failing to satisfactorily complete all assignments will receive a "No Pass". Saturday students must attend both sessions of class to pass. An "Incomplete" will only be given for illness or verified emergency. Conflicts should be brought to the instructor's attention as soon as possible.

*Architecture, Drafting, Interior Design, Printing and Graphics majors are required to complete extra assignments for a letter grade. Other students wishing to receive a letter grade may do so with instructor permission.

Conflicts should be brought to the instructor's attention as soon as possible in order to facilitate special arrangements.

Accommodation: Students needing interpreters or other accommodation should notify the instructor prior to or on the first day of class.

Students are encouraged to use the Student Employment/Cooperative Education Office for help in finding employment.

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