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There are 4 types of assignments

  1. Self-contained and sometimes shorter exercises called Calisthenics.
  2. Two major Projects related to a fictitious company, Nifty Tours (nifty).
  3. Two of your own websites based on ideas you learned in the other assignments, personal research and other classes.
  4. Phases and Reports of two Usability Testing Processes and Presentations in which you take on 4 different roles (facilitator, client, test subject, spectator).


All assignments can be revised and turned in up until the next-to-the-last week of the course, except for Project 1 which has a last revision date in the schedule. You can receive up to full points (or up to half points if originally late) on revised assignments. Tests cannot be revised.

Complete List of Graded Work in Due Date Order

Click here to download the coursefiles

Assignments Due Date Points
Weekly Participation (on-going) - 10
Calisthenics 1 July 1 10
Calisthenics 2 July 8 15
Usability Testing - The Plan 1 July 22 5
Project 1 (nifty) July 22 30
Midterm Website July 29 25
Usability Testing - The Plan 2 August 12 5
Usability Testing Round 1 Report August 12 20
Project 2 (nifty) August 19 35
Final Website Varies, no later than
September 1
Usability Testing Round 2 Report - CLIENTS! Be sure to turn in the notes you took to get credit for the Client part of this test. September 1 20
Total   200