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Intermediate Website Creation

A Web design course that takes you from your beginning understanding HTML and CSS through more advanced concepts of CSS and website interactivity, and gives you an introduction to JavaScript, AJAX, PHP, and Content Management Systems. This course also includes website usability testing from the perspective of the client, test facilitator, and test subject.


Before you take CAS 222, you should have taken CAS 111D (Beginning Website Creation: Dreamweaver) and/or CAS 206 (Principles of HTML and CSS) first. To help you make an informed decision about whether or not you will succeed in this class, here's a basic test of your knowledge and what you should know coming into this course:

  1. You understand the difference between the three different types of CSS selectors and when to use them.
  2. You understand the rules of usage and what makes XHTML different from HTML.
  3. You know how to construct a form and know the differences between the various fields.
  4. You know how to create a Web page using divs for the structure and know that table structure is out-dated and shouldn't be used in this way.

If you can answer a solid "yes" to at least three of these four knowledge items above, then you are probably ready for Intermediate Website Creation. If any one or more of these are confusing or foreign to you, then you'll benefit from CAS 111D Beginning Dreamweaver. If you already have taken CAS 111D and are still not feeling like your knowledge is where it should be, then take CAS 206 Principles of HTML and CSS. There is some overlap with those two beginning courses, but they will most definitely re-inforce your knowledge and prepare you for this more advanced course.

Some sites students created in this course