The Oregon Junior Academy of Science is a conference showcasing high school student scientific research. At OJAS, students present their research and are eligible to be selected to present their research at the American Junior Academy of Science national meeting. (Learn more about the American Junior Academy of Science!)

Recent History:

We are pleased to have the OJAS return to be held concurrently with the Oregon Academy of Science Annual Meeting in 2011. In 2000, the OJAS conference, having grown in size, was held separately at Western Oregon University. This continued until 2009.

Prior to 1999, all costs associated with OJAS were funded through the Oregon Academy of Science. In 1999, a fee to cover lunches was instituted, and in 2000, students paid a $10.50 registration fee (including lunch) and Western Oregon University's Division of Natural Science and Mathematics and the Office of Admissions provided additional support. Funding has evolved over the years. Thanks to our generous donors, there is no registration charge for the first 75 student registrants; register soon.

Support next year's OJAS!

The OJAS is made possible by contributions from generous supporters. Every contribution, no matter the size, makes a difference. For additional information, or to make a contribution, contact Petra Redinger (OJAS Section Chair) or Dieterich Steinmetz (OAS President).