Davina Ramirez

ESOL Classes 2014-2025

Textbook Committee

"Your website is gone!"

- Yes ... it's break now. Have fun! I'll see you in Winter, when the website comes back.

"What about my final grade?"

    - Email me to learn your score on the final exam. Your final grade will be visible on MyPCC in this order:

  • COMMUNICATION and READING: Thursday or later.
  • WRITING: Monday.

"I'm on a wait list! HELP!"

- Sorry. There is NOTHING I can do about that, but DO NOT WORRY. You will almost certainly get into my class. Wait until Dec. 22, then check MyPCC. Be sure to PAY AS SOON AS YOU GET REGISTERED (probably Dec. 22 or 23!)




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Even if you are a continuing student, check out the Panther Tracks webpage.   You'll probably learn something interesting.

Some More Information about Me...
I started teaching English 15 years ago, and I've been teaching here at Sylvania for 10 years. 

I have taught in Oregon, Washington, California, China, and Japan.  In China, I spent 2 years in the English department of Nanfang Yejin Xueyuan, a college in Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province.  I didn't speak Chinese well before going there, and in such a small city, almost nobody spoke English.  I had to learn to speak Chinese by being brave and practicing every day.  In Japan, I taught in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture for about 1 year, and again I had to learn Japanese by talking to ordinary people every day - shopping, going to the bank, mailing letters and riding on the bus.  I remember these experiences every day as I teach.  I remember the feeling of being surrounded by a new language, feeling shy some days, sometimes learning fast and sometimes learning slowly.  I think this helps me be a better teacher.

My master's degree is in linguistics, the study of language as a whole.  I studied at UCSC in Santa Cruz, California, which is an amazing university.  Language is so interesting to me!  I am enjoying watching my daughter, Echo, learn to speak English, too.

Many people ask what country I am from.  Actually, I am an American: I was born in L.A., California.  My family is from Mexico, however, so I am Mexican-American, and I'm proud of both countries. 

I look forward to meeting you!