Solve for \(x\) in \(y=mx+b\text{.}\) (This is a line's equation in slope-intercept form.)

In the equation \(y=mx+b\text{,}\) we see that \(x\) is multiplied by \(m\) and then \(b\) is added to that. Our first step will be to isolate \(mx\text{,}\) which we'll do by subtracting \(b\) from each side of the equation:

\begin{align*} y\amp=m\attention{x}+b\\ y\subtractright{b}\amp=m\attention{x}+b\subtractright{b}\\ y-b\amp=m\attention{x} \end{align*}

Now that we have \(mx\) on it's own, we'll note that \(x\) is multiplied by \(m\text{.}\) To “undo” this, we'll need to divide each side of the equation by \(m\text{:}\)

\begin{align*} \divideunder{y-b}{m}\amp=\divideunder{m\attention{x}}{m}\\ \frac{y-b}{m}\amp=\attention{x}\\ x\amp=\frac{y-b}{m} \end{align*}