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Colophon Colophon

Project Leads Ann Cary and Alex Jordan

Technology Engineer Alex Jordan

Contributing Authors Ann Cary, Alex Jordan, Ross Kouzes, Scot Leavitt, Cara Lee, Carl Yao, and Ralf Youtz

WeBWorK Problem Coding Chris Hughes, Alex Jordan, Carl Yao

Other Contributors Kara Colley

Cover Image Ralf Youtz

Edition 1.0


All rights reserved. During the pilot phase, earlier editions of this book were licensed openly. Unfortunately, there were a number of inappropriate uses that surfaced. Of the greatest concern, electronic copies proliferated with broken and inaccessible math content. Also, these copies presented themselves as the original product. In future editions, we hope to use an open license that addresses these concerns, and which we could simply print here in the book. For now, please look for any open licensing information we may post at, and please reach out to the project leads if you would like to adapt all or part of this book for your local curricular needs. We'd be happy to consider your request if you are a human being, an educator, and will take care to keep math content accessible in electronic formats.