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Several mathematics courses have supplemental packets that are required for the course. You can purchase these packets at the PCC bookstore, or download them from this webpage.

All files require Adobe Acrobat Reader. To download Acrobat Reader visit the Adobe website (link).

Either scroll down to the appropriate course or choose the course from the following list:
   Graphing Calculator,   MTH 60,   MTH 65,   MTH 70,   MTH 95,   MTH 111,   MTH 112,   MTH 251


Graphing Calculator  
    File Name File Description and Link    
    TI Calc_hand_book.pdf Calculator Quick Reference Guide and Instructions
for the TI-89 Titanium, Voyage 200, and TI-89
    TI 89t_handbook.pdf Introductory Handbook for the TI-89 Titanium
(updated 7 September 2009)
    TI v200_handbook.pdf Introductory Handbook for the TI Voyage 200
(updated 7 September 2009)
    ClassPad330_manual.pdf User Guide for the Casio ClassPad 330
(Updated 5 October 2011)
MTH 60  
    File Name File Description and Link    
    m60_supplement.pdf Supplemental Problems and Solutions for MTH 60
(updated 12 September 2014)
    m60_notation.pdf Notation Standards for MTH 60
(updated 9 June 2015)
MTH 65  
    File Name File Description and Link    
    m65_supplement.pdf Supplemental Problems and Solutions for MTH 65
(updated 6 January 2015)
    m65_notation.pdf Notation Standards for MTH 65
(updated 9 June 2015)
MTH 70  
    File Name File Description and Link    
    m70_supplement.pdf No Current Supplement File    
    m70_notation.pdf Notation Standards for MTH 70
(updated 9 June 2015)
MTH 95  
    File Name File Description and Link    
    m95_supplement.pdf Supplemental Problems and Solutions for MTH 95
(updated 12 September 2014)
    m95_notation.pdf Notation Standards for MTH 95
(updated 9 June 2015)
MTH 111  
    File Name File Description and Link    
    m111_supplement.pdf Supplemental Problems and Solutions for MTH 111
(updated 1 January 2012)
MTH 112  
    File Name File Description and Link    
    m112_supplement.pdf Supplemental Problems and Solutions for MTH 112
(updated 1 January 2013)
MTH 251  
    These materials may be downloaded by lab or all at once (link at bottom of the table). Make sure that you download all of the materials associated with any given lab.
Note: The MTH 251 Lab Manual has been updated, effective Summer 2010.
    Section Required Materials and Links    
    Table of Contents
and Introductions
Table of Contents/To the Student/To the Instructor    
    Rates of Change Lab Activities 1-3
Supplemental Exercises E1
Solutions for Supplemental Exercises E1
    Limits and Continuity Lab Activities 4-16
Supplemental Graphs
Limit Laws
Rational Limit Forms
Supplemental Exercises E2
Solutions for Supplemental Exercises E2
    Introduction to the First Derivative Lab Activities 17-20
Supplemental Exercises E3
Solutions for Supplemental Exercises E3
    Functions, Derivatives, and Antiderivatives Lab Activities 21-26
Supplemental Graphs
Supplemental Exercises E4
Solutions for Supplemental Exercises E4
    Derivative Formulas Lab Activities 27-37
Derivative Formula Sheet
Supplemental Exercises E5
Solutions for Supplemental Exercises E5

The Chain Rule

Lab Activities 38-41
Supplemental Exercises E6
Solutions for Supplemental Exercises E6
    Implicit Differentiation Lab Activities 42-43
Supplemental Exercises E7
Solutions for Supplemental Exercises E7
    Related Rates Lab Activities 44-47
Supplemental Exercises E8
Solutions for Supplemental Exercises E8
    Critical Numbers and Graphing from Formulas Lab Activities 48-54
Supplemental Graphs
Supplemental Exercises E9
Solutions for Supplemental Exercises E9
    Entire Lab Manual MTH 251 Lab Manual


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