Comparative of Adjectives:
 Compare a man to a baby.  Choose the correct answer.  Check your answers below.

1. A man is_____________a baby.
older than
more older than
more old than

2. A baby is___________a man.
younger than
more young than

3. A baby is________a man.
small as
smaller than
more smaller than

4. A man is________a baby.
bigger then
biger than
bigger than

5. A man is___________a baby.
experienced than
experienceder than
more experienced than

6. A man can eat food that is_______a baby's food.
crunchier than
cruncher than
more crunchy than

7. A man's voice is________a baby's voice.
as low as
lower than
lowwer than

8. A baby's voice is_________a man's voice.
higher than
more high than
more higher than

9. A baby's skin is________a man's skin.
more soft and smooth than
soft and smooth than
softer and smoother than

10. A man's skin is________a baby's skin.
rougher than
roughier then
more rough than

11. A baby's clothes are________than a man's clothes.
more cheap than
cheaper than
cheapper than

12. A man's clothes are_________a baby's clothes.
more expensive than
expensive than
expensiver than

13. A man is____________a baby.
more hair than
hairer than
hairier than

14. A baby is usually__________a man.
more cute than
cutter than
cuter than

15. A baby is________a man.
more lighter than
lighter than

16. A man is_____________.
heavier than
heavyer than

17. A baby's emotions are ________a man's emotions.
simpler than
more simple then
simple than

18. A man's day is__________a baby's day.
busyer than
more busy than
busier than

19. A baby is usually___________a man.
more playful than
playfuller than
more playfuller than

20. A baby is_________a man.
tinier than
more tiny than
tiner than

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