Compound Adjectives!  Read the sentences, then complete with the best compound adjective.
Example:   Fred has broad shoulders.  He is___________.
                You write:   broad-shouldered.

Remember the hyphen!  (dash---)

1. She has curly hair. She is______________.

2. He forgets things. His mind is sometimes absent. He's__________.

3. She's a sweet person with a good nature. She is_______________.

4. He's smart and clever. He has a quick wit. Isn't he______?

5. You only think of yourself! You aren't the center of the universe! Don't be so__________!

6. Wow! Look at the long legs on that woman! She is really___________!

7. The baby has blue eyes, just like the milkman. He's_________.

8. Why don't you turn on the air conditioning? Isn't this car__________?

9. I only work about 12 hours a week. I'm a__________employee.

10. Please deposit $9.85 in change. This phone call to South Africa is not local. It's_____________.

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